Types of Cluster Analysis and Techniques using R

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  • Definition
  • Types
  • Techniques to form cluster method


  1. It groups the similar data in same group.
  2. The goal of this procedure is that the objects in a group are similar to one another and are different from the objects in other groups.
  3. Greater the similarity within a group and greater difference between the groups, more distinct the clustering.
  4. Cluster analysis provides a potential relationship and construct systematic structure in large number of varables and observations.

Main objectives of clustering are: (more…)

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Introduction about Logistic Regression Model

Hello guys, we have learnt about Linear Regression model in my previous article. Today, in this article we will get to learn the basics of Logistic Regression and some tricks to find the relation between the variables.

Do you know what type of variable is used in logistic regression… Don’t worry, if you don’t (more…)

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