How to create your own Operating System using Suse Studio!



If you are interested in creating your own Operating system customized to your own needs then you have come to the right place. There is a tool called Suse studio which lets you create an OS based on Linux for free within your browser. Its a very professional tool which lets you customize your Linux OS by adding various software packages and themes and even your own custom branding! It is truly a great tool to create an OS that can be used anywhere by anyone and adds a true feeling of “creating and owning” your own OS.It even lets you run your OS in a virtual machine within a browser or download an ISO or USB image to install it on your PC.A thing which is good about this is you dont need to create you own kernel and compile assembly code and what not! You don’t need any coding knowledge but Basic understanding of Linux is required.

Lets begin!

First we need to go the Suse Studio website so click on this link,

Then signup using your preferred social media site and you will be greeted with your homepage/profile page


yours may look a little different because you haven’t made any OS’s yet so click on create new appliance(Linux OS distribution) And you will find a lot of templates to choose from.We dont want to create and empty OS without a GUI for the user to interact with so we will select GNOME desktop(for now) you can select any template based on your requirements.


Then we can start building our appliance by adding various software packages,branding,and personalizing it,The Suse studio interface is very user-friendly and for first time users i would recommend you to also check out this video on how to customize your appliance(OS).

Once you are done head over to the build section and you will be greeted with a variety of methods to download and distribute your OS.You can create ISO’s,VM images,Live CD’s,etc.Click on build and once its done building your OS(does not take longer than 20 mins)you can test your OS in a virtual environment within your browser using Test-drive or download the OS on your computer in your desired format!



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Have Fun making your own OS

~ Harvinder Singh

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