Making a Gender Classifier With Python (PyMachineLearning Series with Harvinder)

What this program does?

This program will be given a list of three inputs (Height,Weight and Shoe size) and will predict whether the given attributes belong to a male or a female, Pretty neat!

What do we need?


Well,Since we are making this program in Python we need Python 3 installed on our computer.You can download python3 from the link given below(Make sure you download the correct BIT version I.E 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your computer),run the installer and once python is installed we can proceed to installing other dependencies.

Now press the WINDOWS KEY +R to open Run and type “CMD” , this will open the command prompt and type in the following commands individually and let them install.
pip install numpy
pip install scikit-learn

And if for some reason CMD does not recognize the above commands refer to this link below on how to install PIP(Python Package Manager) and once you have installed it type the above commands again.

And now we are ready to rumble! (Don’t forget to write the program in IDLE)

Lets write our program (Basic python knowledge needed)

First we import our modules
from sklearn import tree

Then we make a parent list variable which contains other small lists which have three inputs (Height,Weight and Shoe size of various men and women)If you are curious you can google the average height,weight and shoe size of men and women over the years) And the reason we need this raw data is that out program will make decisions based on this data and decide whether the input WE provide it is of a female or male by using something called a decision tree.
X = [[181, 80, 44], [177, 70, 43], [160, 60, 38], [154, 54, 37], [166, 65, 40],
[190, 90, 47], [175, 64, 39],
[177, 70, 40], [159, 55, 37], [171, 75, 42], [181, 85, 43]]

Now we need another list to tell our program which list above belong to women or men.
Y = ['male', 'male', 'female', 'female', 'male', 'male', 'female', 'female',
'female', 'male', 'male']

Now we make our decision tree object to predict whether a random input we give to our program is of a male or female,here we provide our own input.
clf = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier()
clf =, Y)
prediction = clf.predict([[190, 70, 43]])

Now Lastly we print our prediction

And now save the code and on running we shall see the following output

I don’t intend to trigger feminists 🙂


Voila! we have successfully trained our program to classify male or female gender using just three inputs

P.S: The more data you give,the accurate the prediction will be,do play around with the code.And for linux and mac users write your code in any text editor of your choice and run it in the terminal using
python .py


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This is Harvinder and i will see you next time!


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