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Data Science Using R and SQL

Workshop Start Date: 17-08-2019

Workshop End Date: 19-08-2019

Venue: Department Of Economics Calcutta University

Registration Ends: 15-08-2019

Fee: Rs.650

Duration: 30 hours

This session is only for CU Economics department students
Software: R, R Studio and MySQL with MySQL Workbench. The team will assist in all the installations

Total Duration: 30 hours (20 hours R Programming, 10 hours SQL)
Course Schedule: The second weekend of August 
3 hours on Saturday and Sunday each (total 5 weekends)
Additional Q&A session based on demands

Mode: Live Online session 
Projects: One real-time project based on R and SQL, Will be mentored by faculty

Certification: Post-workshop completion and project submission, Candidates will be awarded a certificate

R Programming
Data structure
? Vector: numeric, character, logical
? Factor, Matrix, Data frame, List
? Hands-on practice
? Mathematical, Statistical, Logical
? Relational, Conditional, ifelse
? String Operation, Date operation, etc…
? Hands-on practice
Exploratory Data Analysis
? External data import & export
? Data Summary, Transformation
? Subset, Rename, Reshape, Sort, Merge, Append
? Tabulation, Aggregation,
? Handling missing values, etc…
? Hands-on practice
Data Munging with ‘dplyr’
? All kind of data manipulation with ‘dplyr’
? Hands-on practice
Loop & User Defined Function
? Control flow: if-else-if
? for loop, while loop, next, break
? User defined function to build algorithm
? Hands-on practice
R Graphics & Statistics
Data Visualization
? Generating graphs/plots in R
? Graphical parameters
? Line, Bar, Pie, Histogram, Density plots
? Saving/Exporting R plots
? Hands-on practice
Advanced graphics with ‘ggplot2’
? Advanced and fancy charting
? Color and theme manipulation
? Hands-on practice
Statistical Science (Descriptive)
? Central tendency: Mean, Median
? Dispersion: variance, std.deviation
? Quartiles, IQR, covariance, correlation
? Different Distribution Analysis
? Box-plot, Outlier treatment
? Hands-on practice
Machine Learning & Modeling
Supervised Learning Models
? Hands-on case study for below algorithm
Multivariate Linear Regression
? Univariate analysis & Variable Selection
? Model Assumptions & Diagnostic Checks
Logistic Regression for Classification
? Logit function, odds ratio,
? Model Estimation, Confusion Matrix
? Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity
? ROC curve, AUC, Gini-coefficient
Unsupervised Learning Models
Cluster Analysis
? Anomaly Detection, Image Classification
Getting Started and Selecting & Retrieving Data with SQL
? Course Introduction
? What is SQL Anyway?
? Data Models, Part 1: Thinking About Your Data
? Data Models, Part 2: The Evolution of Data Models
? Data Models, Part 3: Relational vs. Transactional Models
? CREATE Table Statement
? SELECT Statement
? INSERT Statement
? UPDATE and DELETE Statements
? Information and Data Models
? Types of Relationships
? Mapping Entities to Tables
? Relational Model Concepts
Filtering, Sorting, and Calculating Data with SQL
? Basics of Filtering with SQL
? Advanced Filtering: IN, OR, and NOT
? Using Wildcards in SQL
? Sorting with ORDER BY
? Math Operations
? Aggregate Functions
? Grouping Data with SQL
? Using String Patterns, Ranges
? Sorting Result Sets
? Grouping Result Sets
? Relational Model Constraints
? Relational Model Constraints - Advanced
Subqueries and Joins in SQL
? Using Subqueries
? Subquery Best Practices and Considerations
? Joining Tables: An Introduction
? Cartesian (Cross) Joins
? Inner Joins
? Aliases and Self Joins
? Advanced Joins: Left, Right, and Full Outer Joins
? Unions