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Data Science Workshop With R

Workshop Start Date: 19-10-2019

Workshop End Date: 24-11-2019

Venue: Banaras Hindu University, Dept. Of Statistics

Registration Ends: 30-09-2019

Fee: Rs.500

Duration: 30 hours Weekend Program

  • Pre-requisite:

    This session is for Banaras Hindu University students

    Software: R programming(R Studio). The team will assist in all the installations.

    Total Duration: 30 hours

    Additional Q&A session based on demands

    Mode: Live Online session

    Projects: One real-time project based on R, It Will be mentored by faculty.

    Certification: Post-workshop completion and project submission, Candidates will be awarded a certificate

    R Programming

    Data structure

    Vector: numeric, character, logical

    Factor, Matrix, Data frame, List

    Hands-on practice


    Mathematical, Statistical, Logical

    Relational, Conditional, ifelse

    String Operation, Date operation, etc…

    Hands-on practice

    Exploratory Data Analysis

    External data import & export

    Data Summary, Transformation

    A subset, Rename, Reshape, Sort, Merge, Append

    Tabulation, Aggregation,

    Handling missing values, etc…

    Hands-on practice

    Data Munging with ‘dplyr’

    All kind of data manipulation with ‘dplyr’

    Hands-on practice

    Loop & User Defined Function

    Control flow: if-else-if

    for loop, while loop, next, break

    User-defined function to build an algorithm

    Hands-on practice

    Merging and joining

    Outliers and Missing value treatment

    R Graphics & Statistics

    Data Visualisation

    Generating graphs/plots in R

    Graphical parameters

    Line, Bar, Pie, Histogram, Density plots

    Saving/Exporting R plots

    Hands-on practice

    Advanced graphics with ‘ggplot2’

    Advanced and fancy charting

    Colour and theme manipulation

    Hands-on practice

    Statistical Science (Descriptive)

    Central tendency: Mean, Median

    Dispersion: variance, std.deviation

    Quartiles, IQR, covariance, correlation

    Different Distribution Analysis

    Box-plot, Outlier treatment

    Hands-on practice

    Machine Learning & Modelling

    Supervised Learning Models

    Hands-on case study for the below algorithm

    Multivariate Linear Regression

    Univariate analysis & Variable Selection

    Model Assumptions & Diagnostic Checks

    Logistic Regression for Classification

    Logit function, odds ratio,

    Model Estimation, Confusion Matrix

    Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity

    Unsupervised Learning Models

    Cluster Analysis